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We want to give you the best cricket tips, all for free! Online cricket betting is our absolute speciality and we just love the beautiful sport of cricket. And we love to bet on cricket. It makes everything just so much more exciting!
And of course. It is great when you win at cricket betting. Nothing beats that thrill when you win at cricket betting! So providing you with the best online cricket betting experience is our number goal with this website.

Our Mission

Bringing you the best Online Cricket Betting experience

1. Provide you with the best cricket tips found anywhere online. We work hard on analysing statistics and watching games to make the best possible informed cricket betting tip anywhere else on the web.

2. Provide the best reviews of cricket betting sites. Where to start? Where to begin? We love cricket and want to bet on cricket. That is what we keep in our minds when testing out a site. How good is this site? And how good is it in regards to cricket betting. If you keep yourself to the top 5 sites on our site you will be just fine. They are the “big” ones in the industry and provide great free bets, loads of deposit options and loads of good stuff. The best site at the moment is Spin Palace Sports and you should check out our Spin Palace Sports Review.

3. Provide you with how to bet on cricket guides! We know that sometimes it is hard to figure stuff out on your own. And also, why reinvent the wheel when you can just go in somebody else’s footprints? We offer you DYI, step-by-step guides and so much more at our site!

4. Provide you with a one-stop cricket experience by offering you schedule, tournament overviews and cricket statistics. We know that a lot of our users go to sites like Cricbuzz to check schedule and standings. We provide this at our site so if you are here reading a cricket tip from us and would like to know how the point table looks like you do not have to go outside our site to get that info. We also provide news provided by Yahoo Cricket.

The Premium Cricket Team

We are just a group of guys that love cricket and love online cricket betting. Some of us have university degrees and some of us have not. We have a couple of semi-pro cricket players with us. We have IT people and business guys. But our love and goal are all the same; cricket, online cricket betting and providing you with the best cricket tips available online!