Live Betting on Cricket

Live Betting on Cricket

Live Betting made easy

There are more opportunities to bet “live” on cricket than ever before as the one-day game becomes increasingly popular with TV broadcasters. The recent boom in T20 tournaments around the globe has coincided with increased live streaming coverage on sports betting sites, allowing punters to bet whilst watching the drama unfold. This coverage is now available on a wide range of devices, providing punters with access at home or on the move.

The more traditional betting markets such as outright winner or top run scorer remain strong but turnover is rapidly increasing on the “In-Play” markets. Live Betting allows the punter to cash in early for profits or close out to reduce losses. If you do not have any previous experience of live betting, you would be well advised to sit back and watch a match or two while monitoring the odds fluctuate.

Cricket is ideally suited to this form of betting, allowing sufficient time to make your decisions and place a wager. Cricket and golf are regarded as fairly pedestrian in nature but you will appreciate the pace of the game in this betting format, particularly when you compare it to live betting on horse racing!

Tips for Betting on ODI Cricket

The advantage of “In Play” betting is that it allows you to maintain your betting interest throughout the match. Previously, you may have taken an early view on the match only to see your selected team lose wickets cheaply in difficult conditions. Their match odds will lengthen accordingly and you are left holding a poor value bet.

With live betting, the market is extremely volatile and reacts to every significant change during the game. You have to be alert and able to make rapid decisions if you are to profit from live betting. If a match becomes too one-sided, your attention may switch to alternative markets such as total runs scored or margin of victory.

A good basic knowledge of Cricket is essential. In the one-day game, the fielding captain often has to juggle his bowlers skilfully so that the batsmen do not have it too easy in the closing overs. Not many one-day sides have five top line bowlers and they usually have a spin bowler or medium pacer who is targeted by the batting side for quick runs. The run rate can increase dramatically in the closing stages of an innings. Therefore we recommend staying updated on our cricket betting tips.

Tips for Live Test Match Betting

The volatile betting market can sometimes provide the punter with an opportunity to cover their losses. It is often best to wait until after the toss to see which side is batting first in Test Matches. If you have placed a win bet on one side and they have a good start, the odds on both the draw and a win for their opponents will lengthen significantly.

Perhaps your team has batted all day with the loss of just a couple of wickets. You may not see them losing from that position but keep an eye on the weather forecast. The loss of a day’s play could make the draw a possibility. You may have the opportunity to cover your original stake by placing a “saver bet” on the draw. The weather in England is notorious for interrupting play but you should also keep an eye on the forecasts in Asia. Test Matches in Sri Lanka can lose an entire day’s cricket when a monsoon hits.

The batting side may appear comfortable but things can change very quickly. For example, the fielding side can take the new ball after 80 overs of an innings. They may be resting their spearhead bowlers in the hope of taking two or three quick wickets.
It can also pay to listen to expert opinion, particularly on Test cricket. There are some excellent broadcasters with former Test cricketers providing insights into how the pitch is likely to play over the five days. The close inspection of a Test Match wicket may be baffling to non-cricket fans but it is certainly relevant to punters. It is as influential on the outcome of a Test Match as the going is to any horse race.

Some grounds have a reputation for being suitable for spin bowling, deteriorating as the match goes on. For example, the Indian spin bowlers may have few opportunities to shine when touring England but the reverse is true on their home turf. England have a poor recent record on Tour and are susceptible to a batting collapse.