Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket Betting Strategies

The key to good cricket betting strategies is finding good value. This is true whether you are betting on cricket, horse racing, golf, soccer or even politics. In simple terms, you believe that the likelihood of your selection winning is greater than the odds on offer.

For example, you feel confident that India is in a very strong position to beat Australia and should be odds-on favourites. The bookmakers have them at 2.5 (or 6-4 against). Therefore, you believe those odds to be good value. If the bookmakers had priced India at only 1.4 (or 5-2 on), then that cannot be considered a good value bet. The outcome may be the same but you are not getting a good value bet.

This is true of any market, no matter what the odds. You think a particular batsman is in such good form for his domestic side that he could be top scorer in a Test match. The bookmakers offer odds of 20-1 when you believe the chances are only 10-1. There are many more statistical approaches to finding value but they ultimately come down to your opinion versus that of the bookmaker. If you have sound reasoning to back up your opinion, do not allow yourself to be swayed by opposing views.

Open multiple betting accounts

If you are able to consistently achieve good value, you will greatly increase your prospects of showing a long-term profit. In order to maximise your chances, you must also be prepared to shop around for the best price.

If you are new to cricket betting, you will probably want to find your feet with one or two bookmakers. Once you feel comfortable with your betting, you should certainly consider opening multiple accounts. All bookmakers offer tempting “Free Bets” or “Special enhanced odds” for new account holders. Visit our guides to setting up a new account and our bookmaker review section. We highly recommend to open up accounts at Spin Palace Sports, Betway and 1xBet.

Odds can vary dramatically from one bookmaker to the next, especially with the introduction of enhanced odds or price boosts. Achieving the best possible price for your bets can make the difference between a profit and a loss at the end of the year. Odds comparison sites make it easy to see where the best odds are currently available.

Do your Research

All cricket betting strategies need to be rooted in statistics of some sort. It is impossible to understate the significance of statistics in the game of cricket. You do not have to be a mathematician because all of the work has been done for you. You can find cricket statistics here at our site as well. If you go to our tournaments page you will have statistics available there on both league, team and player level. We have statistics on bowling and batting averages.

If you are intending to bet on cricket, it seems safe to assume that you have a reasonable knowledge of the sport. You may, however, need to broaden this knowledge through your betting experience in order to become a specialist on the subject. Also, you should check out cricket betting tips and trust our betting writer doing their job.

Overall Winner Bets

The points table does not lie, whether it is football, basketball or cricket. They form the basis of the odds for every match but keep an eye on recent trends and head-to-head records. A team may be struggling towards the bottom of their league but have shown a recent upturn in form. Perhaps a star player has returned from Test Match duty or recovered from injury. The last four or five matches can paint a very different picture from the overall league table.

Also, take a look at the head-to-head records between the two sides. There may be some local rivalry that guarantees a much closer game than their respective league placings suggests. Some teams also have a “bogey team”, one that will invariably cause them problems. There can be some value when opposing hot favourites in these types of fixtures.

Batting side

Cricket Betting Strategies can be successfully applied to the top scoring batsman market, particularly in T20 and ODI matches. The crowd love to see a big-hitting batsman in full flow and the famous names will always attract plenty of support in these markets. Don’t be afraid to buck the trend by selecting a slightly less well-known batsman who comes in at three or four in the batting order. In certain circumstances, it may be worth considering spreading your risk by splitting your stake. You may have doubts about the opening batsmen and numbers 3 and 4 are both available at longer odds.

Bowling side

Statistics can be your best friend when assessing the bowling markets. A Test Match is all about taking wickets but it is more important to keep the runs down in one-day cricket. The limited run-up and limited overs per bowler also make the one-day game a completely different proposition for the fielding side.

Other markets include the fall of the first wicket. Bookmakers may give a range of overs for the fall of a wicket. If you are expecting the fielding side to strike early on with their best pace attack, go low in the market. Conversely, the fielding side may appear set up to reduce the run rate and will be happy to simply contain the batsman through the opening overs. In this instance, you can go high.

No matter which of these cricket betting strategies you chose just remember to be consistent and have control over your bankroll.