Thanks for clicking on this link! This means that you would like to download our app. We are sorry we tricked you and we are sorry but the app is not ready yet. We are however working on it and would like to get it out as soon as possible to you!


Our app will provide the following (minimum):

1. Live Cricket Tips! This means that while the games are played we will in the app suggest who will win, who will make a sixer and so on and so on. All to make it easier for you to place live bets at a betting site of your choosing.
2. Live stats for cricket games! Keep you updated on the score but also much more!
3. Commentaries from our experienced reporters. This is to keep the thrill going and not just give “generic” statistics. We want it to feel like you are watching the game live!

If you want an app that offers live cricket games as described above please help us and notify us by sending us an email to:

We are open to any suggestions in regards to the app besides these live functions we have described. What function would you like? Please tell us. We would also greatly appreciate it if you would indicate any subscription price for such an ideal app.

Let us make the best cricket app together!