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We at Premium Cricket offer you the most premium cricket betting tips you can find online! We have former semi-pro cricketers that write these tips and to be honest we can call our tips cricket win tips because you will most likely win over time by following our cricket prediction. We also offer betting site reviews, how to bet on cricket, cricket betting strategies and other cricket content. We work closely with betting sites to give you access to the best bets and deals in the market.

Our model is a subscription model. Yearly membership is $59, quarterly is $23usd and monthly is $9. Our quarterly and yearly subscription have a free trial period of 3 days, in that period, you can unsubscribe without it costing you anything! By becoming a member you get access to all our cricket betting tips 24/7.

We try to accommodate all of our readers, but it is not possible for us to cover all cricket matches. Hence we focus on the major tournaments and twenty20 cricket. But please feel free to email us if there is a specific tournament or match you want us to cover.

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